IANDS Utah Meeting for Friday, March 24th, 2017

Marlena Tumlin will be our speaker for March 24,2017. At the age of 23 pregnant with her second child, Marlena had traveled to Boulder Colorado to be with her mother during the period her husband was traveling for work.
Marlena unexpectedly went into labor and was admitted to the small Community Hospital in Boulder Colorado. Once in her room, she was examined by the Nurse who felt that it was unnecessary to call the doctor, as it was late evening and she did not feel Marlena would be delivering before morning. Marlena was then left alone in a room. Soon she was experiencing coldness, pain and spasms.
As time passed Marlena’s pain, uncontrollable spasms and fear grew; alone and unable to contact anyone. Soon Marlena was at a point that the pain and fear consumed her. She was pleading for relief from the pain and the fear of being alone. Suddenly Marlena found herself separated from her body, initially thinking she had died. Then Marlena had an experience that transformed her Life forever.
Marlena was given a gift that helped her overcome not only the pain and fear she was enduring, but has helped her confront her fears, and many losses throughout her life.
The experience was transformative in all areas of her life. Providing her with a strong and unwavering faith, strength, comfort, and the ability to share these gifts with others.
Earning a MS degree in education and counseling, Marlena’s life has been devoted to the service of others. Working as an educator, counselor and trainer in both formal education and hospice care. She has provided Love, Comfort and understanding to both dying children and adults, as well as invaluable training to other educators and counselors.

About IANDS Utah

The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) is devoted exclusively to providing information about near-death and related experiences to experiencers, researchers, educators, health care providers, and the interested public. IANDS Utah has a three-fold purpose: (1) To facilitate and foster greater acceptance and understanding of near-death experiences; (2) To advance, encourage and promote research and study of near-death experiences; (3) To provide information, guidance, comfort, care and other assistance to those concerned with terminal illness, death, disability, disease and related issues.
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