IANDS meeting for Friday, March 22, 2019

Jamie Beckstead will be our speaker for Friday, March 22ndLess than three years ago, in 2016, five-year old Faith Beckstead underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor.  To support her daughter, after the surgery, her mother Jamie shaved a matching spot out of her hair, so it would look like Faith’s hair.

For our IANDS meeting, Faith’s mother, Jamie Beckstead, will share the story of her daughter’s tumor, brain surgery at Primary Children’s Hospital, and the brief near-death experience Faith had.  Faith saw her grandfather she had never known during her NDE.  Faith also saw her family pet, a dog, who had been put to sleep not long before Faith had her experience.

This will be a short, powerful experience, very recent and profound for the family who experienced it.  There will be a Q&A at the end.

Please join us this Friday, March 22nd at 7 PM to hear Faith Beckstead’s story as told by her mother. We will meet in the Salt Lake City County Commission hearing room in the north building of the County Government Center located at 2001 South State, SLC. We meet the fourth Friday of each month except December. Bring/invite friends as meetings are free of charge.

About IANDS Utah

The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) is devoted exclusively to providing information about near-death and related experiences to experiencers, researchers, educators, health care providers, and the interested public. IANDS Utah has a three-fold purpose: (1) To facilitate and foster greater acceptance and understanding of near-death experiences; (2) To advance, encourage and promote research and study of near-death experiences; (3) To provide information, guidance, comfort, care and other assistance to those concerned with terminal illness, death, disability, disease and related issues.
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