Medy Fowler will be our presenter this Friday

ISGO of IANDS has offered to present Medy’s presentation on their platform which has several thousand viewers. The quality of their video and audio is superb. This will also change how you can view the presentation. Instructions on how to link into that presentation for free are shown below this announcement.

IANDS of Utah is pleased to announce our Setpember 25th speaker will be Imelda Fowler. Imelda (Medy), originally from the Philippines, came to the US in 1980, where she married her husband, Tommy. They currently live in Hillsboro, Oregon. Medy, just 88 lbs. holds several world, national and state Power Lifting records in the 97 lbs. class.

In the summer of 2004, late one night, Medy found herself in intense pain. She went to the hospital where a late-night intern misdiagnosed her burst appendix. It took 14 hours (the next morning) for an attending physician to make a proper diagnosis. In the meantime, Medy had been in excruciating pain.  Once properly diagnosed, she was rushed into surgery, during which, and several times thereafter, she died and returned “home” to a celestial realm of astonishing gardens full of flowers with vibrant, vivid colors, some beyond any worldly colors. While in this world of spirits, she met our Savior Jesus as well as many deceased family members. During one visit, Medy stood before the Grand Council of Heaven with Jesus by her side. She was able to see other realms or dimensions in the spirit world including a glimpse of Hell and those who go there. While she stood above the “Plain of Hell,” she learned there is escape from that most awful place. Medy even had a brief, frightening, one-on-one encounter with Satan. The story of Medy’s NDE is told in Home and Back Again: My Journey Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death.

  1. Sometime before the event if you haven’t used ISGO before – one time only (free):
    1. Go to
    1. The signup / signin has two columns “Login” on the left and “Register” on the right.
    1. The first time and only once does the user have to register to be enrolled in ISGO.
    1. Enter a desired “Username” (can be user choice of name but should not use spaces; the user may use their email address as a user name … once entered this is permanent for this user’s registration on ISGO)
    1. Enter the “Email address” to be assigned to the ISGO account (if the user is an IANDS member already, it helps to use the same email address on both).
    1. Click on the “REGISTER” button
    1. The system will respond with an email and a long, non-mnemonic password.
    1. User can copy and paste this password from the response email for an initial login (if using a private access, the user can check the “Remember me” box to skip future password logins – if “Change cookie consent” has been given).
    1. If so desired, passwords can be changed after the initial Login.
    1. Much harder to read all the above than to actually do (I hope)… after this initial “Sign in”, the user never uses the “Register” right side again. (YEAH!)
  2. Having an ISGO account and being logged in, the user can click on the event link for Medy Fowler and checkout.
    1. Event link:
    1. Click on the “Add to Cart” button (users with the coupon can ignore the momentary price in the shopping cart)
    1. On the “Cart” page that comes up, type the coupon “medy4free” in the text box to the left of the “Apply Coupon” button.
    1. Click on the “Apply Coupon” button.
    1. Click on the “Proceed to checkout” button.
    1. The first time users will have the extra step to enter required checkout fields for address, phone number, and email address (these will be remembered for future events / purchases.
    1. The user must then click on the checkbox “I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions*” and then click on “Place Order” (this is necessary even if the order total is $0.00 because that links the event email to the user’s account to watch the event, to see the video when that is uploaded, and enables a countdown clock display if still waiting for the event time)
  3. After the RSVP is completed, the user will receive a confirmation email with the event link.
    1. Clicking on the event link will display the countdown clock if too early for joining the event or will sign the user into the event.

If the event is past, the user can see the video free (in 1 – 2 days after edit and upload) by navigating to the event in the “Videos-on-Demand” library.

About IANDS Utah

The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) is devoted exclusively to providing information about near-death and related experiences to experiencers, researchers, educators, health care providers, and the interested public. IANDS Utah has a three-fold purpose: (1) To facilitate and foster greater acceptance and understanding of near-death experiences; (2) To advance, encourage and promote research and study of near-death experiences; (3) To provide information, guidance, comfort, care and other assistance to those concerned with terminal illness, death, disability, disease and related issues.
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