Life After Life, the Movie with commentary by Martin Tanner

When Raymond Moody published Life After Life in 1975 and created the term “near-death experience” he connected the stories of thousands of individuals who had witnessed a life beyond this mortal existence. Dr. Moody later created a movie, also titled Life After Life, to reach a larger audience which you likely have never seen. Some famous NDErs have their stories told in this movie. Because of age and health issues we may never again have Raymond Moody visit our group, but this is an opportunity to see him telling his own story with the intensity he brings to this topic. Martin Tanner will provide explanation and clarification in his own way as well.

When Raymond Moody began his research into near-death experiences in 1968, he was a skeptic and an atheist. He is now neither. Come hear what convinced him after investigating near-death experiences. As an M.D. and a Doctor of Philosophy, he could no longer deny the survival of consciousness after hearing thousands of accounts from patients and doctors.

Share with us the work of Raymond Moody with Q&A after.  Here are the details:

Time:     7 PM, Mountain Time
Date:    Friday, July 22, 2022
Place:   Auditorium/Commission Chambers
Salt Lake County Complex, North Building
2001 S. State Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84121

If you cannot attend in person you can listen by Zoom,at this link and then enter the passcode IANDS
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About IANDS Utah

The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) is devoted exclusively to providing information about near-death and related experiences to experiencers, researchers, educators, health care providers, and the interested public. IANDS Utah has a three-fold purpose: (1) To facilitate and foster greater acceptance and understanding of near-death experiences; (2) To advance, encourage and promote research and study of near-death experiences; (3) To provide information, guidance, comfort, care and other assistance to those concerned with terminal illness, death, disability, disease and related issues.
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