Ted Whiting will be our speaker in-person April 28, 2023

In 1981 Ted had back surgery after a motorcycle accident. The five-hour surgery had complications, during which Ted died on the operating table. The extraordinary part of Ted’s NDE is that he met his father, who had been murdered. Ted hardly knew his father, who he had only seen a few times when he was young before his father was killed. Ted was able to become close to his father during his NDE. After their reunion and discussion on the other side of the veil, Ted’s father explained that it was not Ted’s time to die and he had to go back to earth. Ted’s father gave him some insights into his future and sent him back into his body on the operating table, which involved excruciating pain.

Later, in 1989, working as a mechanic, Ted was on top of a truck fixing an air horn. He slipped and fell down to the concrete floor. Ted was knocked out. His sinuses were seriously damaged, resulting in recurring, serious sinus infections. During one bout with infections, as Ted was brought into St Mark’s Hospital on a stretcher, the pain was so severe that Ted became exhausted. With his will to live gone, he gave up fighting for his life and died. On the other side of the veil again, this time Ted saw his aunt, who told him the same thing his father had eight years before during his first NDE, that he wasn’t supposed to be there, he had to go back, it wasn’t his time yet, because he had more to do in life. Again, Ted went back and woke up in his physical body in the hospital, in pain.

We invite you to hear firsthand from Ted his extraordinary story of bonding in the spirit world with his murdered father and the insights and lessons he learned on the other side about life, its struggles, and its purposes.

Come hear Ted Whiting in person. Here are the details:

In person, free and open to the public:
Speaker: Ted Whiting
Time: 7 PM
Date: Friday, April 28, 2023
Place: Auditorium/Commission Chambers
Salt Lake County Complex, North Building
2001 S. State Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84144

By Zoom, at this link and then enter the passcode IANDS

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About IANDS Utah

The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) is devoted exclusively to providing information about near-death and related experiences to experiencers, researchers, educators, health care providers, and the interested public. IANDS Utah has a three-fold purpose: (1) To facilitate and foster greater acceptance and understanding of near-death experiences; (2) To advance, encourage and promote research and study of near-death experiences; (3) To provide information, guidance, comfort, care and other assistance to those concerned with terminal illness, death, disability, disease and related issues.
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