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Archive of Meeting Descriptions and Audio Files.

January, 2014 – Kim Rives
Kim Rives, author of “My Walk Thru Heaven,” is a 17 year survivor of breast cancer and has been given a message of hope to share with the world.    Her story has touched thousands of lives across the globe, captivating the imagination.  Kim is quoted as saying:  “I have played in the lush green meadows of Heaven and gazed at its pastel skies.  I have cradled its singing roses and gazed upon its majestic mountains of grandeur.  I have walked along golden paved streets and marveled at the architecture of its palaces.  I have walked the halls of its diamond studded edifices and have witnessed the joy of its music.  I have conversed with angels and hugged my departed grandma. I have held hands with Christ and personally witnessed His crucifixion and sacrifice for us.  I am not unique but my story is.”

February, 2014 – Heather VanZyl and Victoria Acree
For our February 28th IANDS meeting we will have two speakers Heather VanZyl from South Africa, and Victoria Mason Acree, from Scotland. Both have had indepth experience. Heather’s inspiring experience followed a serious car accident. Her spirit guide seemed intent on keeping her on the other side until she petitioned “her Lord” to return to care for her children. You may be surprised by their interesting exchange. Her return was followed by years of painful extended recovery.  Victoria Mason Acree, was a popular presenter in 2012 at IANDS. Her new book “Waiting on Heaven – A Mother and Daughter’s Remarkable Shared Death Experience” is now available and she will be sharing some fascinating new insights from her book. It was six weeks after the Shared Death Experience with the death of her 10 year-old daughter, Paris Pardue Acree, that Victoria found her ‘Self’ looking at her own body lying in her bed from the other side of the bedroom. Traveling through the walls of her house, Victoria met with Paris and one other in the bedroom that Paris had died in six weeks previously. Together they traveled a short distance to another realm. Victoria was given a choice to return by Paris for two things to do. Victoria chose to return, but it took eleven years for Victoria to KNOW what the two things were.

March, 2014 – Brian Conn
Brian Conn is originally from San Gabriel, CA and moved to Utah in 1997. By day he works for an airline in customer support. His interests include digital photography, professional video and being a light healer. He has recently been certified as Holistic Health coach with Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Brian has had 2 NDEs and many close calls where divine intervention saved his life. As a young child Brian experienced his first NDE. In Dec 1999 Brian was ejected in a rollover just south of Nephi. He woke up in the hospital 10 days later on life support remembering where he has been. Through his healing experience he has been shown what happened in the incident. Brian brings a message of Life after death and the ability to communicate with those that have passed on in order to facilitate family healing.

April, 2014 – Panel Discussion
Our IANDS meeting of Friday 25 April will feature a panel of experiencers and our beloved researcher Sandee Cherry.  Most near-death experiences are brief and without choirs of angels and the secrets of the universe.  Nevertheless NDEs have a profound effect upon those who live through them.  Friday we will be privileged to hear Jennifer Foley and Robert Curtis speak of their experiences and how it has influenced their lives.  Jennifer had two experiences, one as a young child when she was thrown from a horse and received a life threatening brain hemorrhage that healed overnight with the prayers of her community.  Her second NDE occurred as the result of a serious rollover accident just before her 18th birthday.  She saw that her life hung in the balance and plead to return to complete her life’s journey.  During an 11-hour operation, Robert Curtis found himself outside of his body in the whitest place he has ever been.  He was attracted to a veil behind which he could see some activity but his father’s voice told him he had work to do and needed to return.  He was never told what that work might be but now believes he knows.  In the time remaining Sandee Cherry will outline her research on how NDEs change those who experience them, no matter how long or detailed the NDE.  It may be that those who hear the NDEs of others are likewise changed.

May, 2014 – Jeff Olsen
Jeff Olsen is a best selling author and inspires audiences across the country with his intriguing personal story of perseverance and inner strength. In 1997, Jeff experienced a horrific automobile accident which inflicted multiple life threatening injuries, including crushing both his legs. His left leg was amputated above the knee. The most devastating outcome of the accident was the loss of his wife and youngest son, both killed instantly. At that time, Jeff had a profound Near Death Experience, which deepened his spirituality and gave him insights and gifts not common in today’s world. He found the courage to carry on, heal, care for his living son and eventually thrive in his career and community contributions. Jeff has since remarried and adopted two more boys.

June, 2014 – RaNelle Wallace
We are pleased to announce our speaker for our June 27th IANDS meeting will be RaNelle Wallace.  On October 9, 1985, RaNelle and her husband were flying their single-engine airplane through an early year snowstorm in central Utah. Disoriented due to the weather, the plane crashed into the side of a mountain and caught fire.  RaNelle was burned over 75% of her body, most with 3rd degree burns.  In severe pain and struggling for her life, she climbed down the treacherous mountainside to try to find help. After being found, paramedics were summoned to give her medical aid.  Exhausted, when one of the paramedics told her, “Stop fighting, well do all the work for you!” RaNelle let go and died.  This was about six hours after the plane had crashed. What happened to her then has captured the hearts of thousands who have heard of her incredible journey beyond this life.  One aspect of her near-death experience is very unusual. While in heaven, she saw her son who had not yet been born.  Come hear RaNelle tell her story first hand!  RaNelle’s experience was published in her 1994 book The Burning Within.

July, 2014 – IANDS picnic on August 9th.

August, 2014 – Lori Tidwell
We are pleased to announce our speaker for our August 22nd IANDS meeting will be Lori Tidwell.  Lori’s two near-death experiences both occurred as the result of complications from Cesarean deliveries.  Her first experience occurred while she and her second-born son were struggling to survive his birth.  His condition in the newborn intensive care unit was deteriorating, while Lori was slowly bleeding to death. For 7 minutes that felt like a couple of hours, she felt that she was in the presence of God and Christ.  She experienced great joy amid her pain, and was reassured that everything would be all right.  Her second experience occurred during the birth of her fourth son. As the delivery roomed hummed with activities to stop Lori from hemorrhaging and get her son breathing, Lori found herself in a large white room, speaking with her 15-year old sister who had died 8 months before, three young men, and another young woman who had also died in an accident. Lori could hear the activity in the delivery room while she was talking with her sister.  Lori later learned that the young men were her son and two of his cousins, who were  born later the same month. The three cousins were inseparable in earth-life, and Lori’s cross-over may addressed the need to separate them long enough for her son to be birthed. The experience reassured her that her deceased sister knew her son and his two cousins.

September, 2014 – Laurie Boggs
Our speaker for September 26, 2014 will be Laurie Boggs. Laurie, who resides in Idaho, graciously agreed to share her touching s tory of loss, survival and insights gained from her NDE following a tragic head on collision with a drunk driver. The accident claimed the life of five people including Laurie’s only child.   Laurie and her husband Biff and their eight year old son Preston went for a drive on a sunny day. A couple of hours from their home, they were hit head on by a drunk driver. Five lives were taken, including the life of their beloved son Preston.   Little Preston Boggs was a miracle baby for his mother Laurie who endured seven years of infertility, four surgeries, and three miscarriages to finally bring her first and only son into the world. Plagued with premonitions the first three years of his life that she would soon lose him, Laurie learned that painful truth had come true during her emergency surgery, following the head on collision. Laurie touched heaven that day and came back to share her story.  Laurie has written two books, 18 Stepping Stones to Transforming Grief and Hitting Fear Head On. If you enjoyed “Heaven is For Real” you will love, Hitting Fear Head On.

October, 2014 – Suzanne Freeman
We are pleased to announce our speaker for our October 24th IANDS meeting will be Suzanne Freeman. Suzanne Freeman is the mother of 13 children which she considers to be her greatest accomplishment. She is also the author of three books. In 1999 during emergency surgery, Suzanne’s spirit left her body and she was taken to heaven.

Suzanne works for a home hospice company and has the sacred work of helping the dying transition through the dying process. Her hope is that she can help others who are close to death understand that heaven is wonderful! She loves the opportunity to share the love that Jesus has for us and the peace of heaven.

November, 2014 – Erica McKenzie
We are pleased to announce our speaker for our November 28th IANDS meeting will be Erica McKenzie. In 2002, Erica McKenzie had her NDE. She was 31 years old. Ridiculed as a pre-teen for her appearance, Erica turned to bulimia and diet pills as a means to fit in with the other girls. All she wanted was to be liked and accepted by her classmates. College was worse and she turned to the Class IV narcotic, Phentermine. While the pills gave her the endurance to be everything to everyone, Erica barely slept or ate. She kept her diet pill secret from her family, but the drug took its toll on her health. Her nine year addiction was killing her. Her heart palpitations and difficulty breathing ended one day in the middle of a conversation when she collapsed to the floor unconscious.

Erica left her body. She floated up to the ceiling, and from there watched paramedics take her body to the ambulance. Then she went through a tunnel made of bright white Light. “I felt unconditional love, and knew that I was going Home.” Toward the end of the tunnel, “I saw a brilliant golden Light. I merged with the Light yet stayed separate from it at the same time. The Light was all loving and communicated to me that It was God. I asked many questions, and received knowledge telepathically. I saw Heaven as a planet. I saw the earth in flames. I experienced the edge of hell.”

There were two life reviews, as if on a movie screen. In the first, she saw the things she had thought were significant. In the second, she saw the things that God thought were significant: moments of love and kindness. Then she learned about the rippling effect of our words and actions. She saw that each person was given unique gifts to contribute on their earthly journey. She discovered that beauty is internal and lies within our hearts, yet Erica returned to discover that once again she is harshly judged for her looks. Toward the end of her NDE God said, “Child, you are not staying. Your mission is on earth. Remember, you work for me now.” She did not want to go, but had to obey. She returned with the ability to deliver messages from God to help people embrace their uniqueness and aid in their healing. Erica has spent the past eleven years dedicated delivering those messages. More information can be found on her website, .
You may also email her at “”

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