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January 2016 – Erica McKenzie
We are pleased to announce our speaker for our January 22nd IANDS meeting will be Erica McKenzie.  In 2002, Erica McKenzie had her NDE. She was 31 years old. Ridiculed as a pre-teen for her appearance, Erica turned to bulimia and diet pills as a means to fit in with the other girls. All she wanted was to be liked and accepted by her classmates. College was worse and she turned to the Class IV narcotic, Phentermine. While the pills gave her the endurance to be everything to everyone, Erica barely slept or ate. She kept her diet pill secret from her family, but the drug took its toll on her health. Her nine year addiction was killing her. Her heart palpitations and difficulty breathing ended one day in the middle of a conversation when she collapsed to the floor unconscious.
Erica experienced two life reviews, as if on a movie screen. In the first, she saw the things she had thought were significant. In the second, she saw the things that God thought were significant.  The difference was a huge surprise and liberation.
Toward the end of her NDE God said, “Child, you are not staying. Your mission is on earth. Remember, you work for me now.” She did not want to go, but had to obey. She returned with the ability to deliver messages from God to help people embrace their uniqueness and aid in their healing.

February 2016 – Greg Owens and Shawn White.
Greg worked as a paramedic in a hospital that admitted an  atheist Texas Ranger who had a cardiac arrest, had an NDE and was surprised to find that he had an existence outside his mortal body.   The ranger lectured hospital staff about his trip to the other side and left a lasting impression with Greg.  Greg will relay a short story of some of the compelling evidence shared of the ranger’s brief encounter with the reality of life after life.
Shawn, on the other hand had, an extraordinarily in-depth experience.  He was an abused child who suffered from sleep apnea who prayed daily to leave this painful world.  In his sleep one night he quit breathing and died.  He was escorted through the streets of heaven and into a large building where he experienced a life review and met several biblical characters, including Moses, Abraham and Jesus – his advocate, as well as other divine beings, all of whom showed a genuine concern for his welfare.  He was given the choice to stay in heaven or return.  What he was shown of his future led him to risk everything to return.  Shawn will share what keeps him here and what may help you through your troubled times as well.
He shared some details at a previous IANDS meeting.  You will learn more about what Jesus taught him regarding suicide, his reason for living and his motivation for his work today and more details of what awaits us.

March 2016 – Suzanne Freeman
We are pleased to announce our speaker for our March 25th IANDS meeting will be Suzanne Freeman.  Suzanne Freeman is the mother of 13 children which she considers to be her greatest accomplishment. She is also the author of five books.  In 1999 during emergency surgery, Suzanne’s spirit left her body and she was taken to heaven.
Suzanne works for a home hospice company and has the sacred work of helping the dying transition through the dying process. Her hope is that she can help others who are close to death understand that heaven is wonderful!  She loves the opportunity to share the love that Jesus has for us and the peace of heaven.

April 2016 – Video Documentary
This coming Friday we will review a BBC NDE documentary dealing with the mind, the brain and near-death experiences.  Individual experiences will be highlighted that have a strong message about the reality of NDEs.  What does it mean when a woman who is blind from birth sees in her NDE?  What can we learn when another whose body is placed in a state of suspended animation by drastically lowering her body temperature and stopping the flow of blood to her brain sees the unusual instruments used and procedures and individuals in the operating room.   A question and answer session will follow with members of the local IANDS board.

May 2016 – T.J. Owen
The speaker for Friday May 27, 2016 will be T.J. Owen. The publishing of her experience and her public speaking on her NDE at a time when NDE’s were not commonly acknowledged should make for a very interesting presentation. Her experience has been published by several NDE researchers as well as in her book,”Time to Believe” (available on Amazon).
T. J. Owen was born in Los Angeles, California in 1947. She grew up in California but as an adult traveled with her work in the Aerospace Industry to many states as well as with her husband’s work in the Middle East. There she volunteered to take on the assignment to help other women and their family members to overcome the culture shock of living and working in a foreign culture.
In her 40 year career in Aerospace some of the projects she worked on include the Apollo Space Program, the Space Shuttle program, research and development for computer and medical laser technology, military and commercial aircraft. She retired after 9/11 while working as a Lead Electrical Manufacturing Engineer at the Boeing Company in Washington State. She now lives with her husband of 50 years in Utah.
In 1969 she experienced an unusual Near-Death Experience that was first published, online, at (Near-Death Experience Research Foundation) during the website’s beginning in 1997.
Dr. Jeffrey Long, and founder of the read T.J’s NDE account and encourage her to publisher her book which she did in 2013. Her NDE still remains a favorite on Dr. Long’s web site. Dr. Long wrote a foreword to T.J. book as well using quotes from her NDE account in his book, Evidence Of The Afterlife: The Science Of Near-Death which was published in 2010.
Roy L. Hill, Psy.D., also found T.J’s. NDE fascinating and her account inspired him to write an entire chapter, “The Better Angels of Our Nature”, using T.J.’s quotes from her book. Dr. Hill’s book, Psychology and the Near-Death Experience, Searching For God, was publish in 2015.
T.J. Owen has volunteered at many hospitals visiting the sick and dying, Home care and Hospice volunteer, grief counselor, a member of the QPR Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Program, National Alliance on Mental Illness Education Program as a Certified teacher and public speaker.
Time To Believe: A Life and A Near-Death Experience is her first book. T. J. is eager to respond to readers on her Face Book page, Tegan Jane Owen.

June 2016 – Janet Peters
We are pleased to announce that our speaker for Friday, June 24th is Janet Peters. Before the term near-death experience was coined, Janet as a young girl was living with abuse and neglect in her Los Angeles home. One evening as her heart was despairing, the spirits of her grandmother and aunt came and swept her up from her bed and took young Janet through a long tunnel to a place of order and light where they pleaded for their young relative to remain with them. Although she was ultimately told to return, she brought back important lessons, some of which she will share with us.
Janet’s eBook, Divine Interventions, spans her life from 17 months of age to when her husband passed away. She wrote the book so that we can realize that we are never alone when experiencing fear, abuse, depression, illness, death and grief, as our Lord, angels and even loved ones who have passed are cognizant of our suffering and many times, intervene on our behalf.

July 2016 – Peter Anthony
Our speaker for July 22nd is Peter Anthony.  As his career in Hollywood was reaching its peak – working alongside the likes of Dan Rather, Diane Sawyer, Leslie Stahl, and Greer Garson – Peter Anthony’s life completely changed course when he lay in a hospital bed as an 89-pound man unable to see, walk, or speak.
On November 11,1987 Peter Michael Anthony was rushed to the emergency room due to a perforated viscous, the swelling and fusion of platelets. Unfortunately, during the late 1980’s in the height of the AIDS epidemic, medical staff were cautious in assisting any patient that was brought in with brown lesions, coughing and uncontrollable bleeding.  Peter crossed over at 11:11pm on 11-11- 87 on the operating room table due to medical complications.  His return to life after his NDE is remarkable. The road to recovery was paved with countless health obstacles made psychologically worse by disbelief and denunciation by family members, co-workers, friends and experts in the medical and religious community.  But Peter’s will to survive and thrive became paramount due to what he experienced on the other side. “In life, second chances can occur…even for those of us who die,” says Anthony. “NDErs have been given a second chance for a reason.”  Peter Anthony is the author of Key Master and The Accidental Prophet. His book Key Master was inspired by his NDE and currently is under development for a film.
Peter’s near-death experience added an array of inexplicable gifts to Peter’s capabilities. As word spread through Hollywood about Peter’s gifts and Peter began booking private sessions for celebrities and their families, friends and colleagues. In 1995, Peter’s NDE- related abilities landed him on Fox’s hit show Sightings and several other popular television shows. He recently was selected into the Hall of Spiritualists and Writers.
Peter, who is wonderfully honest, engaging and entertaining, will share his near-death experience and his amazing spiritual journey with us.

August 2016 – Cydney Neil
Cydney Neil has been known for many years as “The Queen of Haunts”. But her connection and experience with the ghostly realm started long before the creation of her now closed, but still infamous, Rocky Point Haunted House here in Salt Lake, and it has continued ever since closing her business in what she feels at times as some pretty spooky ways.
Cydney did not die before having her personal encounter with God. At 20 years old, after a devastating break-up with her then boyfriend, and after spending many hours on her knees, begging God to take her home, Cydney says God did just that, but just for a brief time before sending her back, literally transformed, with a new name and having been reminded who she is and shown, in detail, what her life’s mission is as well as her reunion with God and all of the people she served, upon completing it. Her planned and timed crossing over was less about an experience and more for the purpose of beginning her mission and gaining the spiritual strength required to spend the rest of her life, serving it.
Although Cydney says she has never waivered from her commitment, she considers herself an unlikely and reluctant servant, and feels grateful to God for allowing her to be true to her unconventional and sometimes rebellious self, by giving her the very unconventional and totally unexpected assignments he has.
Cydney has 37 years of experience with the spirit realm and expects to write several books about them when God tells her its time. This is the very first time Cydney has spoken publicly about it and other than a handful of people, she has not shared her story with anyone, including her own family. So she believes God is telling her that it is now time and it begins right here, with us, tonight.
We are grateful and honored to have her as our guest tonight and anxious to hear her unique experience.

September 2016 – Eben Alexander
Eben Alexander, will speak to our group on Friday, September 23rd, from 7 to 9pm at the Highland High School Auditorium, 2166 South 1700 East, in Salt Lake City.   Come hear Eben Alexander, M.D.’s near-death experience, described in his New York Times best selling book Proof of Heaven.
In 2008, neuro-surgeon Eben Alexander spent seven days in a coma from severe bacterial meningitis. While in coma, his spirit left his body and he experienced an amazing journey into the next the life. A real journey, to a real place, that ran counter to conventional neuro-scientific views about brain, mind and consciousness. The experience transformed Dr. Alexander from an atheist into a believer.
In his Friday, Sept. 23rd address, Dr. Alexander will describe his journey into the next life, a real journey, to a real place, which occurred when his spirit left his body during a seven-day coma, caused by an infection. Dr. Alexander will describe what he learned about the purposes of the trials and hardships we all encounter. His experience taught him our lives have extraordinary meaning. He will take audience questions at the end of his address and during his workshop. His book describing his near-death experience, Proof of Heaven, will be available at an exceptionally low price.

October 2016 – David Chevalier
The speaker for Friday October 28, 2016 will be David Chevalier. On Friday the 13th of November in 1981, on the way to the funeral of a friend who had been killed in an auto accident, David Chevalier stopped at his grandmother’s house to say “hi.”  David’s uncle was living there too.  The uncle had a lifelong drinking problem, was drunk, and immediately began to argue with David.
When David told him to leave the room he left, but came right back with a single shot, shot-gun, pointed it at David, and pulled the trigger.  David’s uncle then reloaded and tried to shoot David again.  David fended off the uncle with a chair and the uncle fled.
David said a prayer, called 911, and soon a detective with a drawn .357 magnum and two paramedics arrived.  The detective went after the uncle and the paramedics worked on David.
After an ambulance trip to Mercy Hospital, David required an eight-hour surgery, after which more internal bleeding was discovered and another surgery ensued.
David’s heart stopped.  At this point, David describes, “I saw my Savior standing next to the side-rail of my bed, as plain as anything.  He helped me heal and showed me things.  He then conveyed the idea we are waiting for his second coming, the resurrection and the redemption.
David rarely speaks about his experience.  Come hear it in detail, this Friday.

November 2016 – Glenda Christiaens
The speaker for Friday November 25, 2016 will be Glenda Christiaens.  Following surgery to remove a benign brain tumor, Dr. Christiaens was rushed to surgery to relieve pressure in her skull.  While being wheeled down the halls of the hospital she left her body.  She will share important lessons from her experience and her view of medicine from the world of spirit.
Glenda Christiaens is a former president of the American Holistic Nurses Association, and an advanced certified holistic nurse. She is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Utah College of Nursing where she teaches health promotion and global health. She was the Dean of Nursing at Fortis College in Salt Lake City. She taught nursing at Brigham Young University for 10 years and is the former host of the “Glenda the Good Nurse” talk radio show.  Dr. Christiaens received her Baccalaureate and Master’s Degrees in Nursing from the University of Utah and her Ph.D. in Nursing from Oregon Health & Science University. She is the mother of four, grandmother of eleven and lives in West Jordan, Utah.
The November 25th IANDS meeting will begin at 7PM in the Salt Lake County Commission hearing room in the north building of the County Government Center located at 2001 South State, SLC.   We meet the fourth Friday of each month except December.  Bring a friend as meetings are free of charge.