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IANDS meeting for Friday, January 25, 2019

Jozet Richardson and family will be our presenters for Friday, January 25th

In 2000 Lance Richardson wrote a book called The Message about his extraordinary near-death experience – one of the most in-depth and insightful of this century.  Four years later, before we could bring him to speak at IANDS in Utah he passed away again, but this time he did not return, at least not in the flesh. But he kept in contact with his wife Jozet and children, guiding and influencing their lives.  Now Jozet and her children have written a sequel called The Message From Our Side. In which they recount his experience from their perspective and his ongoing presence and influence in their lives. Of their experience Jozet has noted: “My husband died, but he still cares, sometimes God lets him show me.”  In their presentation Friday, Jozet and now grown children will share some of Lance’s choicest experiences and insights from the other side; and then ways in which he has shown, and still shows that he is very much alive and cares, and is still, at times, able to communicate and influence their lives in mortality.

IANDS meeting for Friday, February 22nd

Melissa Lewis will be our speaker for February 22, 2018. Melissa Lewis is a 39-year-old single mom to three kids and was born with two rare genetic disorders that would go undiagnosed until well into adulthood. From birth, her digestive system didn’t work properly and she was slowly dying from malnutrition as her body rejected almost
all food. When she was five years old, and very near death, she was taken out of her body to have a conversation with her guardian angel. She had the privilege of visiting parts of Heaven and being shown many things about what her life would be like if she chose to continue living in the body she was given.

Melissa will speak about her conversation with the angel, miracles bestowed upon her throughout her life, knowledge of Heaven, spiritual gifts, and the purpose of pain. She will also touch on how you can develop your own spiritual gifts, how to find joy in suffering, and how to find peace and gratitude in hard times.

Melissa’s web site is, email address

IANDS meeting for Friday, March 22, 2019

Jamie Beckstead will be our speaker for Friday, March 22ndLess than three years ago, in 2016, five-year old Faith Beckstead underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor.  To support her daughter, after the surgery, her mother Jamie shaved a matching spot out of her hair, so it would look like Faith’s hair.

For our IANDS meeting, Faith’s mother, Jamie Beckstead, will share the story of her daughter’s tumor, brain surgery at Primary Children’s Hospital, and the brief near-death experience Faith had.  Faith saw her grandfather she had never known during her NDE.  Faith also saw her family pet, a dog, who had been put to sleep not long before Faith had her experience.

This will be a short, powerful experience, very recent and profound for the family who experienced it.  There will be a Q&A at the end.

IANDS meeting for Friday, April 26th

Mary Neal, MD, as an orthopaedic spine surgeon, thought near-death experiences could be explained by science as simply the action of neuro-synapses.  All of this changes when she had her own Near-death Experience.  Dr. Mary Neal drowned when she was pinned under water while kayaking on a South American river.  She was transported to a heavenly realm.  There she saw God, Jesus and angels.  She experienced God’s all-encompassing love. She was told she had to return to share her story and to a support to her family, because her oldest son would die. Ten years later, after her son died in an accident, she wrote and published an account of her experience To Heaven and Back: A doctor’s extraordinary account of her death, heaven, angels, and life again.  Mary Neal, MD, has personally spoken to Utah IANDS before, but due to time contraints, we are sharing her experience in a high-quality video.  There will still be a question and answer period following the presentation.

Her book is shown below:


IANDS meeting for Friday, May 24th


We are pleased to announce that our speakers for Friday, May 24th, will be Robert and Suzanne Mays, two of the editors of a new compilation (July 2016) of NDE stories titled The Self Does Not Die. Haven’t you ever wanted some good NDE stories that give solid evidence that NDEs are what they claim to be and not the result of a dying brain or hallucinations? The Self Does Not Die contains more than 100 of those stories and is the result of the research and contributions from medical personnel and NDE researchers from around the world. In the book you will find the story of a woman who memorized, while unconscious, the 12-digit serial number of a piece of equipment used to save her life. Also documented is the story of an individual who gave a detailed description of the leg amputation of a patient in the next operation theater.

Robert and Suzanne assisted the book’s Dutch authors—Titus Rivas, Anny Dirven, and Rudolf Smit—to translate and add to the original Dutch edition and wrote the Foreword to the English edition. They will touch on how difficult it is to attempt to reason with skeptics whose minds are already made up.

Robert and Suzanne Mays are independent NDE researchers with a focus on the meaning of NDEs for understanding consciousness and the survival of physical death, although neither has had an NDE. Robert and Suzanne will have copies of The Self Does Not Die to sell with all proceeds going directly to support the work of IANDS.

Their PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded here.

IANDS Meeting for Friday, June 28th

Jeff Olson will be our speaker for Friday, June 28. Jeff Olsen is a best selling author and inspires audiences across the country with his intriguing personal story of perseverance and inner strength. In 1997, Jeff experienced a horrific automobile accident which inflicted multiple life threatening injuries, including crushing both his legs. His left leg was amputated above the knee. The most devastating outcome of the accident was the loss of his wife and youngest son, both killed instantly. At that time, Jeff had a profound Near Death Experience, which deepened his spirituality and gave him insights and gifts not common in today’s world. He found the courage to carry on, heal, care for his living son and eventually thrive in his career and community contributions. Jeff has since remarried and adopted two more boys.

Understanding death, loss and forgiveness after such a profound tragedy is a lifelong journey.  Jeff’s latest book, “Knowing”, is an extension and completion of “I Knew Their Hearts” and “Beyond Mile Marker 80”. Friday join us for deeper insights.

IANDS Meeting for Friday, July 26

Sarah Hinze will be our IANDS speaker July 26

If you saw our note from Sunday, due to unforseen events Dr. Snowden will not be able to present at out IANDS meeting tomorrow night. But we have a special presenter in her place.

If you attend IANDS meetings, you know the soul lives on after “death” but how about before? Did we have a conscious existence in another realm before coming to earth?

Our new IANDS speaker for Friday the 26th will be Sarah Hinze. Sarah is one of the premiere authorities in the world on the topic of premortal experiences, visitations or announcements – i.e. children who visit or intervene in the lives of their parents prior to their mortal birth.  More specifically she will talk on the subjects of:

What the near death experience teaches us about the premortal world? And…
What the near death experience teaches us about souls waiting to be born?

Sarah notes, “Writing and collecting personal accounts of others has been a sort of mission for me for over twenty five years. My writing grew out of my own personal prebirth experiences. Most of my studies fall into three categories, all concerning the premortal world.”  Sarah, has written 3 books on these topics, which she will have available at the meeting at cost — $5 per book.. They are:

 Announcing dreams. Generally an announcing dream is a dream, vision, or spiritual experience with children preparing to come to a specific family. Friends and relatives can also have these experiences with souls preparing to come to the earth.

The Castaways. A castaway is someone who is denied entrance to a land of their choosing. I will share case studies of castaways, and explain various options that they may have after they are denied life on earth.

Memories of Heaven. In our day through the near death experience and other spiritually transforming experiences,there are a growing number of people who remember something of their life in heaven before they are born. Her book on this topic contains accounts of these memories, and some say this book may bring a remembrance to you.

While there has been much written about the afterlife, there is very little available on our premortal life. This should be a fascinating and memorable meeting! We hope you can attend!