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IANDS Meeting for Friday, January 24


We are pleased to announce that Les Campbell will be our IANDS speaker for this coming Friday.

Les has been studying near-death experiences, from before Raymond Moody came up with that term. He has collected information on more than 500 related topics or features of NDE’s, produced more than 30 videos (20+ of which are on YouTube) and given more than 80 lectures on related topics.  In other words, Les is about as knowledgeable on NDEs as anyone in this planet. And on Friday he will share with us, his “Favorite but seldom shared Near-death insights”, from:  Insight into pre-mortal life, and a wombs eye view of entrance into mortality, to the nature of deity, a mother in heaven, a choir of planets, and much more.  And of course, as always there will be time allotted for you to pick his brain on questions you may have. If you’ve ever pondered a related topic but never found an answer, this would likely be a good presentation to attend.

IANDS meeting for February 28

Note: The audio for this meeting was lost. Instead here is a link to her talk on the podcast “We Don’t Die”

We are pleased to announce that Claudia Watts Edge will be our speaker February 28th. Claudia is a Utah native, an active local realtor and the author of award winning books. She spoke at our group last August, but a technical glitch eliminated the recording of her address. With the publication of her second book, we have an excuse to bring her back and hear more of her fascinating story, with a focus on her celebrated “THE 10 THINGS I LEARNED WHEN I DIED.”

Claudia had an unusually strong sustained contraction that crushed her uterus and imperiled her unborn daughter. At the hospital, after blood came gushing unexpectedly onto the floor, Claudia was rushed to a delivery room for a cesarean without anesthesia. The intense pain made her passing from this world a welcome blessing.

Follow her journey into enlightenment through the gifts she was given of empathic sensitivities, memories and dreams of Spirit School teachings, visions, and a unique ability to communicate with her Mother and Angel Sister on Other Side. Claudia has an absolutely unique story, and invites interaction during an extended question and answer period at the conclusion of the presentation.

Claudia is the author of two books titled with a play on her last name Gifts From the Edge, Stories of the Other Sidewinner of the Body Mind Spirit Award and Gifts From the Edge, Lessons from the Other Sideavailable at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  Autographed books are available at the presentation for a reduced price of $10.00 cash preferred please, no tax.

Rev. Peter Panagore spoke via zoom Friday, April 24

We are very fortunate to have two time NDEr Rev. Peter Panagore to speak to us Friday.  From the words of former IANDS president, Janice Holden, “As a speaker, Peter Panagore is beyond gifted: He is inspired – by the Spirit with which he connected in his near-death experience decades ago and to which he remains connected to this day. His story is compelling not only in its details but also in its implications for every person and for humanity at large. Those who hear him speak are sure to feel touched and to come away with an abundance of food for thought and reflection.”

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LaVonne Wells Sandberg was our speaker Friday, June 26, 2020 via Zoom

Posted on June 25, 2020by IANDS Utah

We are pleased to announce that our speaker this Friday (via Zoom) will be LaVonne Wells Sandberg. LaVonne lost her infant daughter Kiva over two decades ago at Primary Children’s Hospital in March 2000. Five month old Kiva was taken off of life support and handed to her mother to wait for her daughter to draw her last breaths. LaVonne felt Kiva leave through the crown of her head after three very deliberate breaths. Immediately after she then felt a hand on her shoulder and knew that someone was standing beside her. LaVonne has always been spiritually sensitive, but that event opened up additional awareness for her. She now is a spiritual instructor. Like many spiritually gifted individuals, she has had an unusually challenging childhood with a sister who passed due to food insecurity. Her specialty is to help families who have lost children deal with grief and find peace and true connection. LaVonne’s web site is LaVonne’s TED talk is can be found here.

Barbara Bartolome addressed us Friday, July 24th via Zoom

Posted on July 24, 2020by IANDS Utah

We know you have plans for the 24th. This will top your day off….

Barbara Bartolome, leader of the Santa Barbara IANDS group, will be our speaker Friday, July 24, 2020.

At 31, Barbara went to the hospital for a myelogram, a diagnostic imaging procedure that involves injecting iodine dye into the base of a patient’s neck. The dye accidentally went into her brain and within moments, she was unconscious and flat-lining. “I literally went from inside my body, and when I shut my eyes… the next second I was up on the ceiling looking down at the entire room,” she recalled. What she then saw and heard will be the subject of the NDE she will be sharing with us on Friday. Her experience has been shared in an NDE documentary as well as on the Today Show, as it provides compelling evidence, that “We are not Human Beings having a Spiritual Experience. We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.”

Barbara feels her Life Purpose involves telling her NDE story and helping people to understand what NDEs teach us all about death and consciousness… and about living our life, as well!  Barbara is retired from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She was named an Unsung Heroine at UC Santa Barbara for her volunteer work, both on campus and in her community. Join us as Barbara relates some of her amazing life experiences and tells us how finally assimilating her NDE story into her life has altered it in beautiful and amazing ways!

You can contact Barbara on her cell (805) 451-8646 or by email

Robert Bare presented  Friday, August 28, 2020

Posted on August 26, 2020by IANDS Utah

The audio for this session was severely damaged. Here is a link to a previous presentation where he gave essentially the same talk.

We are pleased to announce that Robert Bare will be our speaker August 28th. Robert Bare MPAis the Vice President and Co-Founder of Spiritual Awakenings International. He has both a Bachelor’s and Masters degree in Public Administration as well as two teaching credentials.

His former employment includes retirement from 23 years in Law Enforcement. After retiring, he worked a variety of positions: an Adjunct Professor, a General Manager/City Administrator for three communities, the Executive Director of a Community Resource Center, the Tribal Administrator of a Native American Nation, and a Staff Executive/Consultant for an International Consulting Company. Additionally, he is still continuing his work career as a grant and technical writer.

Robert is an almost-textbook case of someone whose life and values were forever changed by his NDE. Robert’s near-death experiences shook him to his core. They occurred shortly after he boarded a plane in March 2009. He had a massive heart attack and was deceased for approximately 45 minutes. His second NDE was for approximately 10 minutes. His NDEs were profiled in the TV show, I Survived Beyond and Back, and he was a featured case study by author Debra Diamond in her book, “Life After Near Death”. Robert has also interviewed for an upcoming episode on William Shattner’s show “Unexplained” on the History Channel. Robert is a past Vice-President of IANDS and also a former IANDS Board member.

Medy Fowler presented Friday, September 25, 2020

Posted on September 23, 2020by IANDS Utah

ISGO of IANDS has offered to present Medy’s presentation on their platform which has several thousand viewers. The quality of their video and audio is superb. This will also change how you can view the presentation. Instructions on how to link into that presentation for free are shown below this announcement

ISGO has not yet shared a recording of her talk. Here is a recording of a previous presentation.

IANDS of Utah is pleased to announce our Setpember 25th speaker will be Imelda Fowler. Imelda (Medy), originally from the Philippines, came to the US in 1980, where she married her husband, Tommy. They currently live in Hillsboro, Oregon. Medy, just 88 lbs. holds several world, national and state Power Lifting records in the 97 lbs. class.

In the summer of 2004, late one night, Medy found herself in intense pain. She went to the hospital where a late-night intern misdiagnosed her burst appendix. It took 14 hours (the next morning) for an attending physician to make a proper diagnosis. In the meantime, Medy had been in excruciating pain.  Once properly diagnosed, she was rushed into surgery, during which, and several times thereafter, she died and returned “home” to a celestial realm of astonishing gardens full of flowers with vibrant, vivid colors, some beyond any worldly colors. While in this world of spirits, she met our Savior Jesus as well as many deceased family members. During one visit, Medy stood before the Grand Council of Heaven with Jesus by her side. She was able to see other realms or dimensions in the spirit world including a glimpse of Hell and those who go there. While she stood above the “Plain of Hell,” she learned there is escape from that most awful place. Medy even had a brief, frightening, one-on-one encounter with Satan. The story of Medy’s NDE is told in Home and Back Again: My Journey Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death.

Jennifer Foley presented Friday, October 23, 2020 via zoom

Posted on October 22, 2020by IANDS Utah

We are pleased to announce that Jennifer Foley will be our speaker Friday, October 23rd. Jennifer has had two close brushes with death.

When she was 8, Jennifer was riding a horse on a narrow road when a semi-truck spooked the horse bucking her off. Jennifer fell backwards onto the pavement with a blow to the back of her head. Hospital staff determined that she had massive head trauma and might not make it through the night.  A prayer network plead for her recovery and the next morning they could find no sign of trauma whatsoever.

A week before she turned 18 on Dec. 1, 1988, she experienced her second near-fatal event.  Traveling with her boyfriend from her home in Santa Maria to Bakersfield they decided they should wear seatbelts, something they didn’t often do. She put her full seat belt and he put his on with the shoulder strap behind him.  On the highway he reached down to get a cassette tape off of the floor board and he started to go off of the right side of the road.  After she screamed he over corrected and rolled the truck four times. Danny was ejected while she remained in the truck. At the time of her brush with death she experienced something otherworldly.

Ingrid Honkala was our presenter, Friday, November 27th via zoom

Ingrid Honkala PhD, became aware of other life dimensions from her near-death experience at an early age. From the moment she nearly drowned in a tank of cold water at the age of three, Ingrid was aware of other dimensions of life than those most of us normally experience. She was also gifted with the wise input of mysterious “Beings of Light” who gave her invaluable insights and assistance as she faced the challenges of growing up, falling in love, and finding her professional destiny as a research scientist and oceanographer. In a compelling life adventure that journeys from her native Colombia to Europe and her eventual home in the United States — and from a deadly war zone to underwater explorations and a NASA research center — the author reveals how any human experience can be illumined from within. If we are willing to pay attention to subtle signals, take our intuition seriously, and forgive our most challenging difficulties, anyone can experience a brightly guided life.

When she was nineteen, the Beings of Light told her, “Someday your life experiences will talk for you and you will pass our teachings to others.” In her autobiography, “A Brightly Guided Life: How a Scientist Learned to Hear her Inner Wisdom,” Ingrid reveals how after having her near-death experience (NDE), the first glimpses of heaven were revealed to her and the doors that allow her to communicate with Beings of Light were opened. Since then a myriad of experiences that many could call mystical and perhaps impossible have crossed her path. However the Beings of Light have made it clear to her that she is not here to convince anyone about anything but to be a giver of light.





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