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IANDS Meeting for Friday, January 24


We are pleased to announce that Les Campbell will be our IANDS speaker for this coming Friday.

Les has been studying near-death experiences, from before Raymond Moody came up with that term. He has collected information on more than 500 related topics or features of NDE’s, produced more than 30 videos (20+ of which are on YouTube) and given more than 80 lectures on related topics.  In other words, Les is about as knowledgeable on NDEs as anyone in this planet. And on Friday he will share with us, his “Favorite but seldom shared Near-death insights”, from:  Insight into pre-mortal life, and a wombs eye view of entrance into mortality, to the nature of deity, a mother in heaven, a choir of planets, and much more.  And of course, as always there will be time allotted for you to pick his brain on questions you may have. If you’ve ever pondered a related topic but never found an answer, this would likely be a good presentation to attend.

Rev. Peter Panagore spoke via zoom Friday, April 24

We are very fortunate to have two time NDEr Rev. Peter Panagore to speak to us Friday.  From the words of former IANDS president, Janice Holden, “As a speaker, Peter Panagore is beyond gifted: He is inspired – by the Spirit with which he connected in his near-death experience decades ago and to which he remains connected to this day. His story is compelling not only in its details but also in its implications for every person and for humanity at large. Those who hear him speak are sure to feel touched and to come away with an abundance of food for thought and reflection.”

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