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Ron Kennedy M.D. was our presenter Friday, January 22nd, via zoom.

Ron Kennedy, M.D., a doctor in the San Francisco Bay area, was our speaker Friday, January 22nd via zoom. 

When Dr. Kennedy returned home from a vacation and came through his front door, the house sitter, who had suffered a mental breakdown, attacked Dr. Kennedy with a knife, stabbing him repeatedly.

Dr. Kennedy will tell us what happened next, and his wonderful NDE.  His message is that even people who die in the most difficult of circumstances, like being murdered as he was, are loved by God, relatives who have passed on, and are never left alone.

Eloise Weaver presented Friday, February 26th via zoom

Eloise Weaver was our speaker Friday, February 26th. Eloise has had two brushes with death that erased the veil.

The first experience was when Eloise was nine or ten years old.  She had Rheumatic Fever and was very sick and bed-ridden for about three months.  One evening, her parents left her to take her little brother to the hospital because he had swallowed something.  Eloise was afraid and prayed for help.  Jesus came to see her, told her not to be afraid and cured her.  

The next experience occurred when Eloise, her husband and their daughter were in a terrible car accident while on vacation in Montana.  Eloise’s neck was broken and her husband was killed.  Eloise left her body and met with her husband’s spirit in the air.  He told her he was being called home but she had to stay and raise their daughters.

Rosemary Thornton Presented March 26th via zoom

Two years after Rose Thornton’s husband committed suicide, she was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer, and after a “minor medical procedure,” she returned to the emergency room and bled to “temporary death” and had no vital signs for 10+ minutes.

Assured by angels during her sojourn in the afterlife, Rosemary had a complete remission of cancer and rapidly healed from her medical trauma. She also had a healing from the grief of her husband’s earlier suicide. This profound NDE led her to completely transform her life.

For those looking for confirmation that NDEs are real, Rose’s atheistic neighbor who accompanied her to the emergency room heard an angel immediately after she flat lined who assured him that Rose would only be gone for a few minutes.

Rosemary’s book will be available for purchase sometime in mid April. Rosemary keeps a blog at http:\