Archive 2011

February 2011 Lee Nelson  Lee Nelson tells of his experience with his research for his first book on Near-Death experience.  He found that near-death experiencers were everywhere if we allowed ourselves to become aware of them.  He related important parts of a number of near-death stories.   February 2011 Lee Nelson Q&A

Melvin MorseApril 2011 Dr Melvin Morse Pt. 1   Melvin Morse is a pediatrician who was following up with a young girl about her experience with surviving being on the bottom of a pool for twenty minutes.  Her response regarding sitting on the lap of the Heavenly Father and that death was fun lead him to begin a second career as a near-death researcher.   April 2011 Dr Melvin Morse Pt. 2

May 2011 Lucinda Pottle   As a young girl, Lucinda Pottle went swimming in 1954 in a pool where there was no life guard.  She cramped in the middle of the deep end, could no longer swim and knew she was going to die.  She met bright beings who communicated by thought and told her to return.

dr-moodyJune 2011 Dr Moody  Dr. Raymond Moody, author of Life After Life, is one of the founding fathers of IANDS. He coined the term “near-death experience.” More than 20 million copies of his books have enlightened people around the world on the life that follows death.  He’s been a guest on Oprah, and recently CBS Sunday Morning with Katie Couric. His latest book Glimpses of Eternity: An Investigation Into Shared Death Experiences is now out and should be available at the meeting.  June 2011 Dr Moody Q&A

Beyond the DarknessJuly 2011 Angie Fenimore  As a young wife and mother in an abusive relationship, our July speaker, Angie Fenimore, attempted suicide as an escape. Her amazing near-death experience is one of the few in which the person sees a glimpse of hell.  Generally those who present at IANDS share a beautiful if not blissful experience. If one is not familiar with NDE knowledge they might come to the conclusion that all life after death is wonderful.  To some, suicide may even seem a reasonable means to immediately experience the afterlife.  Angie’s message is that suicide is not a viable option for those who think that taking their life will be a way out. This does not mean all who have committed suicide will have the same experience as Angie. It does, however, suggest there are many options in eternity that not even most who have visited there are aware of. IANDS studies suggest no one knows what others experience when they reach the next world, or how long they will reside at any given location. Hear Angie describe her experience and how it changed her life forever.

August 2011 Kristle Westover  As a young girl, Kristle Westover drowned. Forty minutes later she was found face down in the swimming pool where she had been playing. Her pupils were fixed and dilated. She was not breathing. She had no pulse. She was dead.  Melvin Morse, MD, her treating physician, placed her on life support and told her parents she would not live, but if somehow she did, she would have massive brain damage. When she miraculously woke up three days later, completely normal, she told Dr. Morse and her parents she had been to Heaven.  Hear Kristle tell what happened to her!

sarahmenetSeptember 2011 Sarah Menet  Our September speaker is Sarah Menet. In 1979, Sarah was pronounced dead. She then had a very special and unique experience, learning many things in the World of Spirits. Sarah’s experience is of great interest for several reasons, among which are the extensive detail and unusual scope of her visit to the world beyond and the way it relates to her life’s story. Her ability to influence minds and hearts toward a more enlightened and hopeful outlook has been life changing to many distressed souls as well as to many who are searching for answers.

October 2011 Suzanne Freeman  After Suzanne Freeman attempted suicide she found herself in surrounded by a host of others who ended their lives prematurely.  Susan was persuaded to return when she was shown how her death would affect her children.

November 2011 Sage Volkman Sage Volkman was severely burned in a camper fire at the young age of 5.  She lost her fingers, her lips and was told she would never walk again.  She experienced a profound NDE and returned with a powerfully upbeat view of life.  A fully functional, very positive and upbeat Sage Volkman tells her story.

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