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IANDS meeting for Friday, January 26th

Katie Buhler was our speaker for January 26, 2018. In September 2015, Katie had a procedure done and while being put under anesthesia, she had an “Out of Body” experience. When she woke up she remembered it all and husband was able to capture her talking about her experience on video.  She will be sharing some of it with us.

One of the most transformational parts of the message she received was that we only have one chance to live and most people are playing it too safe. She was told people need to follow their heart and live their dreams so that they don’t go to their death bed with any regrets. Katie’s life is completely different now as she listens to her own heart.

Katie’s greatest fear was, and still is public speaking, but she no longer lets this fear stop from living her life’s purpose.  Her message will inspire others to face their greatest fears, follow their own hearts, and live their purpose in this life!

Today I faced my biggest fear by sharing my “Out of body experience.” I hope it helps you to follow your heart & push through your fears. I was told in my experience that “you only have one chance to live, that’s it, one chance and right now your just being safe!” This is me not playing safe anymore, enjoy!

When the music plays, please stop & link here for the music to hear the whole song, my message won’t be the same without it.

1-I won’t let go, Rascal Flatts,

2-This is my fight song, Rachel Platten,

3-Tell your heart to beat again, Danny Gokey-(fast forward him talking),

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