Archive 2012

Matthew DovelJanuary 2012 Mathew Dovel Q&A Question and answer sesssion. Matthew Dovel, with the help of his NDE, has developed a unique methodology for assisting individuals affected with PTSD and suicidal thoughts.

February 2012 Jeff Olsen Jeff Olsen’s tragic accident took half of his family and part of his leg.  His survival and near-death experience provide inspiration for anyone who struggles with difficult or challenging circumstances.

March 2012 John Hernandez John Hernandez was in charge of a fire fighting crew that was overtaken by a raging forest fire. The latest fire fighting technology allowed them all to ultimately survive, but many had near-death experiences, making this one of the few group NDEs ever documented.

April 2012 Panel – Martin Taner, Bill English, Elizabeth Clark, Jeff Olsen Martin Tanner, Bill English, Elizabeth Clark and Jeff Olsen discuss NDEs.

May 2012 Mary Neale Mary Neale, M.D. perished in a river rafting accident in South America and was later revived. She approaches her profound near-death experience as a level headed scientist and medical doctor. Her story is amazing in that she survived at all. A unique aspect of her story is that she foresaw the death of her son 10 years before his passing.

June 2012 Ralph Jensen Ralph Jensen passed beyond the veil after suffering a major attack.  His NDE included a vision of the life of Christ from his birth to crucifixion.

July 2012 Sarah Irvine Sara Irvine had two major experiences beyond the veil, an NDE when she drowned when she was five and a second after the passing of her mother.  She now has the burden of a blessing/curse which compels her to pass along messages to people in distress.

August 2012 Panel A panel consisting of Victoria Acree, Katrina Miller, and Doris Bias focus on shared-death experience.

September 2012 Siale Langi Siale Langi was nearly killed in a high-speed auto/pedestrian accident. His NDE changed his life.

October 2012 Martin Tanner discussion Martin Tanner led a discussion on little understood aspects of the NDE. The audience, many of whom are NDE experiencers, weighed in in such topics as what are the sounds that accompany an NDE? What is the tunnel and what is its purpose?

November 2012 Howard Storm Howard Storm’s unique and wonderful story was a special treat. Howard died in France after developing a hole in his lower intestine. His story has a hellish beginning and ends in heaven. He is sent back with a good deal of knowledge about our relationship to God. His recovery leads him into the ministry, a huge change from his life as an atheist before his experience.

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