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IANDS January 2013 Sarah Hinze.  Sarah Hinze is our speaker for the January meeting. Her topic will be “Meeting Future Children in a Near Death or Prebirth Experience”. For over 20 years Sarah and her husband have pioneered a ground breaking new area of research, the Prebirth Experience (PBE). A PBE is a spiritual experience and form of vision that involves contact with one or more unborn souls. Our January meeting will focus on PBEs that occur during a near-death experience. The authors have collected hundreds of these accounts. This presentation will include inspiring case studies of PBEs as related to NDEs and how lives can be changed through direct PBE/NDE experiences and/or vicarious experiences.

IANDS Feb 2013 Victoria Acree  We are pleased to announce our speaker for our February 22nd IANDS meeting will be Victoria Mason Acree.  It was six weeks after the Shared Death Experience with the death of her 10 year-old daughter, Paris Pardue Acree, that Victoria Mason Acree found her ‘self’ looking at her own body lying in her bed from the other side of the bedroom. Traveling through the walls of her house, Victoria met with Paris and one other in the bedroom that Paris had died in six weeks previously. Together they traveled a short distance to another realm. Victoria was given a choice to return by Paris for two things to do. Victoria chose to return, but it took eleven years for Victoria to KNOW what the two things were

IANDS March 2013 Kimberly Clark-Sharp Kimberly Clark Sharp, M.S.W., has earned the title of “Near-Death Comedienne” through her many presentations about near-death experiences. She is the founder and president of the Seattle International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS), the oldest and one of the larger IANDS groups worldwide. A clinical social worker, Sharp has taught at the University of Washington School of Medicine and at Seattle University.  She lives in Seattle, Washington, with her husband and daughter.

IANDS April 2013 Bonni Burrows  In 1975, Bonni was a young mother, living on a small farm, expecting her third child. Complications six months into that pregnancy took her, first to the hospital and then, on the greatest journey of her life—a Love-permeated journey so incredible she would have chosen to abandon her beloved family to remain in that realm, her true home—Our True Home.  Bonni will tell you of consciously leaving the body and traveling to visit her young sons before exiting this world, entering the light and being met on the other side by family, loved ones and her guardian angels. There she met her stillborn sister for the first time, many unborn spirits and a very special soul-mate. This is a story of reunion, forgiveness, and love more powerful than anything known this side of the veil.

IANDS May 2013 Ned Daughtery.  In FAST LANE TO HEAVEN, published in March  2001, internationally acclaimed speaker and author Ned Dougherty foresaw the  spread of Middle East terrorism and war, the 9-11 terrorist attacks in New York  and Washington, DC, global tidal waves, freakish weather patterns, an increase  in hurricanes and mega-storms, the coming global economic collapse, and  more.  Ned’s visions of the future  occurred during two near-death experiences in 1984!   Ned Dougherty will be speaking about his NDE where he learned  about God’s plan to save mankind from natural and geopolitical catastrophes and  return mankind to an era of peace; and in the power of prayer to heal the sick  and injured, and to stop disasters from happening. Come and experience the joy  of living without fear of the future in today’s troubled world. Ned will speak  for two hours including a Q & A session. 

IANDS June 2013 Angie Fenimore. On Friday 28 June at IANDS we have the privilege of hearing from Angie Fenimore. Angie’s experience was different than most. In 1991 after years of struggling with anxiety and depression, Angie decided to take her own life in the hopes of finding peace. Her near-death experience was not a peaceful heavenly encounter, however, but a brush with a nightmare. Her vivid recollection of her hellish tour to you-know-where and back provides fascinating insight into some seldom seen aspects of life after death. Angie now lives in Salt Lake City with three of her six children.  She has five grandchildren and is co-writing The Dandelion Principle – What Would Be Possible if One Daughter Chose Forgiveness, the riveting true story of the daughter of Utah’s notorious, ritualistic murderer – Dan Lafferty.

IANDS July 2013 Leslie Lysy – How does one apply a near death experience to every day life? What gifts are common when the veil has been pierced? And does one need a near death experience to embrace these enlightened ideals?
Join us this Friday, July 26, 2013 at 7 p.m. as Leslie Lysy shares her spiritual encounters as a child as well as her own near death experience as a teen and how it applies to simply being human in this third dimension.
As a special treat, also meet Gus, Leslie’s owl who, along with other birds of prey, came into her space naturally after her near death experience.
“As a young girl I found myself in conversations with Jesus on many, many occasions.  As time progressed it became a more natural occurrence.  A deep relationship developed over the years and as a result of those precious moments the desire surfaced within me to be with Him in His world.  As a teenager I thought of suicide but the responsibility of that action cringed my soul. At the age of 14 it was necessary for me to have a simple operation that would use general anesthetic.   I decided the upcoming operation would be the perfect way out.
I talked to Jesus about this and knew that He accepted my request to leave this life.  Leading up to the operation I enjoyed the last moments of what I knew would be my time on this earth. I left my room just the way I wanted it and a note to tell my family I loved them.  During the operation I did have a profound near death experience that continues to shape me into the person I am today.
Since that experience the veil has become thin for me at times in both the light and the dark realms. Over the past 22 years I have learned that its not so important what happens to you but who you BECOME in connection to your experiences.”

IANDS August 2013 Panel – Our IANDS meeting of Friday 23 August will feature a panel of experiencers and researchers will discuss with Martin Tanner as the moderator a report from University of Michigan School of Medicine which claims that experiments with rats have disproven the idea that near-death experiences are anything other than last experiences of a dying brain.  The panel will also discuss other controversial issues such as how to or can we reconcile conflicting ideas expressed by experiencers, etc.

IANDS September 2013 Karen Baldwin – Karen had a chemical accident in 1994, burning both her lungs which initially caused her death and left her with only 11% capacity in each lung.  Karen’s story of where she went and who she talked to, has left many speechless.  Given a short time to live, she fought hard to stay alive, desperately trying to keep a promise to the “Guardian” on the other side.  Other near-death experiences would happen over the next ten years caused by the many physical problems from the initial accident.  Her courage and faith has helped her to survive twenty years now.  “Leaving her with many Spiritual Gifts” as she calls them.  She is in preparation of bring her books out  “An Awakening” and “Miracles Left and Right” as well as “An Angel Whispers” all due to come out by the first of the year or sooner.

IANDS October 2013 JoAnna Oblander –  JoAnna is an author, family advocate, seasoned domestic engineer and business  owner. She has been happily married for 35 years to her best friend Greg. She is  the mother of six children, two of whom were adopted from Russia. Her near death  experience occurred in 2002 – at a time in her life when she was suffering from  24/7 migraine headaches, severe depression and she had decided  that she could no longer bear to be a  burden her husband and family and endure the circumstances of her life. The  night she prayerfully announced to God that she planned to join Him the next  day, an angel came and took her back to heaven to witness, once again, her  pre-life meeting with God.  Her  book, A Glimpse of Heaven (released in 2012), chronicles her near death story,  God’s bringing her two adopted children into their family, her 15 year  pilgrimage to healing and other spiritual experiences which have profoundly  affected her life.  As a result of  her near death experience, she has had a deep desire embedded within her heart  to help others know God, understand the profound importance of life and inspire  them to fulfill their personal missions.   “Jo”, as she is known to her friends and family, believes she has several  God-given missions:
·         Teaching the three core  components of true health and wellness ·         Inspiring God’s children  with the knowledge she received and truth she was taught in  heaven
·         Helping adoptive and  foster families and their children who are dealing with and suffering from  Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) · Most importantly, loving  and adoring her husband, children and 13 grandchildren!
In addition to her  efforts to accomplish her life’s missions, she manages her husband’s  chiropractic offices and has recently completed designing a nutritional  weight-loss protocol for her husband’s patients.

IANDS November 2013 Medy FowlerIANDS of Utah is pleased to announce our November speaker, Imelda Fowler. Imelda, originally from the Philippines, came to the US in 1980, where she married her husband. They live in the greater Los Angeles, California area. Imelda, just 97 lbs. holds several national and state Power Lifting records.
In the summer of 2004, late one night, Imelda found herself in intense pain. She went to the hospital where a late-night intern misdiagnosed her burst appendix. It took 14 hours for an attending physician to make a proper diagnosis. In the mean time, Imelda had been in excruciating pain. She was rushed into surgery, during which, and several times thereafter, she died and returned to “home” to a celestial realm of astonishing gardens full of flowers with vibrant, vivid colors, some beyond any worldly colors. While in this spirit world she met deceased family members. Imelda stood before the Grand Council of Heaven and met Jesus. Imelda was able to see other realms in the spirit world including a glimpse of Hell and those who go there. She learned there is escape from that place. Imelda even had a brief, frightening encounter with Satan.

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