IANDS meeting for Friday, May 25th

Brad Johnson will be our speaker for May 25, 2018.  Before near-death experiences had been investigated by Raymond Moody, Brad was a teenager who, after a party, swallowed 10 pills from his grandfather’s medicine chest. Shortly after he heard a whooshing sound just before his body fell to the ground leaving his spirit in darkness. In the distance he saw a spiraling tunnel of light and wondered whether this was a drug trip and was told “no”. He then felt loving arms surround him and asked who held him and was told “God” although at the time he was agnostic or atheistic. He had wonderful experiences before another whoosh put him back into his physical frame.  Come hear Brad’s account of what occurred that evening and how it changed his life.

The May 25th IANDS meeting will begin at 7PM in the Salt Lake County Commission hearing room in the north building of the County Government Center located at 2001 South State, SLC.  We meet the fourth Friday of each month except December. Bring a friend as meetings are free of charge.

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IANDS Meeting for Friday April 27th

We are pleased to announce that our speaker for our April 27th meeting will be Howard Storm.  Howard Storm’s unique and wonderful story is a special treat. Howard died in France after developing a hole in his lower intestine. His story has a hellish beginning and ends in heaven. He is sent back with a good deal of knowledge about our relationship to God. His recovery leads him into the ministry, a huge change from his life as an atheist before his experience.

In heaven Howard asked God every question he could think of asking, and Howard is a deep thinker. After what seemed to him to be about a year, he was told he needed to return to earth and came back with the promise that he could connect with heaven from time to time.

Howard lives an active life as a Christian minister, lecturer, respected artist and author. Currently Howard has four books in publication; My Descent into Death (2000), Lessons Learned: A Spiritual Journey (2001), It’s All Love (2014), and Befriend God: Life With Jesus (2017).

Come early to get a seat.

If you know someone who has shared with you that they have had an NDE, tell them about our group. You may want to ask them to write down some details and ask permission to send to us.  We keep a database of experiencers and their stories for researchers and authors. Any information we share will leave off identifying information unless permission is given.

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IANDS Meeting for Friday March 23rd

This Friday, March 23rd, our IANDS meeting will be a presentation by Martin Tanner, our local IANDS Chair.  Martin’s insightful and inquisitive mind has had a fascination with NDEs spanning many decades.  His most recent project is a compilation of videos of well-known celebrities and other interesting people who have had NDEs including interviews with the following:

1.  Hollywood celebrities who have had near-death experiences, Sharon Stone, Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Seymour and others.

2.  Blind people who could see during their near-death experiences like Vicki Noratuk.

3.  Near-death experiences in children, with explanations of why people describe near-death experiences in such different ways.

4.  Near-death experiences impossible to explain away, particularly that of Pam Reynolds who had a NDE during brain surgery, when her brain-waves were flat, her heart had been stopped, she had no respiration and could not hear.

5.  Near-death experiences in ancient literature.

Q&A session will follow the presentation.

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IANDS meeting for Friday, February 23rd

Russell Ricks will be our speaker for February 23, 2018.  Russell Ricks is a professional artist by his chosen profession and recently published author of the book Remember. Between the late summer and early fall of 1966, Russell had an Out of Body experience triggered by the trauma he suffered from abusive treatment outside of his loving home environment. Little did Russell know at the time, the real cause of his peer troubles was due to a neurological birth defect, Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum, resulting in being severely socially delayed.

When school bullying became more than he could bear after an abusive first year in school, Russell, began searching for a way to put an end to his suffering. As a frightened eight year old boy, he couldn’t bear the thought of returning to school and asked his Heavenly Father for permission to be taken to heaven. Instead, he was given a miraculous Out of Body experience with life beyond the veil. He describes being held and comforted in the loving arms of the Savior and given a promise upon his return to mortality that he would often feel the Savior’s love and companionship throughout his life. This promise would provide the comfort he needed to get through his many life’s challenges.

Russell plans to share the details of how that event shaped his life. He also will share a few “beyond coincidence” examples illustrating how the Savior keeps His promises. Russell’s fascinating story will remind you that no matter how hard life can get, our Savior is always there for us.


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IANDS meeting for Friday, January 26th

Katie Buhler will be our speaker for January 26, 2018. In September 2015, Katie had a procedure done and while being put under anesthesia, she had an “Out of Body” experience. When she woke up she remembered it all and husband was able to capture her talking about her experience on video.  She will be sharing some of it with us.

One of the most transformational parts of the message she received was that we only have one chance to live and most people are playing it too safe. She was told people need to follow their heart and live their dreams so that they don’t go to their death bed with any regrets. Katie’s life is completely different now as she listens to her own heart.

Katie’s greatest fear was, and still is public speaking, but she no longer lets this fear stop from living her life’s purpose.  Her message will inspire others to face their greatest fears, follow their own hearts, and live their purpose in this life!

The January 26th IANDS meeting will begin at 7PM in the Salt Lake County Commission hearing room in the north building of the County Government Center located at 2001 South State, SLC.   We meet the fourth Friday of each month except December.  Bring a friend as meetings are free of charge.


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IANDS Needs Your Help!

Bringing in the new year, IANDS of Utah will be initiating a project to index the archives of past presenters/experiences on our website, and we would like your help.

We have over 100 speakers there who have shared a wealth of valuable insights into the near-death experience, the afterlife, as well as the meaning and purpose of this life, Gods intentions for us, spiritual experiences, and ways in which we can draw on the powers of heaven to improve the quality of our lives.

This material, however, has never been indexed, so it’s hard to know where to go to find the answers and insights individuals might seek from such experiences. That’s were we need your help. If you think you might have some time over the holidays to help with this project please email David Larsen at
DavidRJL@aol.com, with this or “IANDS index” in the subject line. Note you would like to help, and how many sessions (1-4) you would be willing to commit to listen to and index, and he will send you your assignment with additional instructions on what to listen for and note down.

If you have any questions feel free to call Dave at 801-529-8238.
Thank you in advance! We hope you had a Merry Christmas, and that you have a prosperous New Year!

IANDS Utah Board

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IANDS meeting for Friday, November 24th

We are pleased to announce our speaker this Friday,  November 24, 2017, will be Jeff O’Driscoll, MD FACEP.  Dr. O’Driscoll is an emergency physician who often comes into contact with patients who are seriously injured. Many die or are close to death.  Dr. O’Driscoll has had a series of shared-death experiences with some of his patients, as he helps them through their difficult recovery.  Dr. O’Driscoll had such an experience with our IANDS Board member Jeff Olsen, whose experience was partially shared in our last meeting.  Dr. O’Driscoll has just completed a book about his experiences with shared death experiences and near-death experience, entitled “Not Yet” from the words often heard by those who have just gone to the other side and are told it is not yet your time, you must go back.  Dr. O’Driscoll will be a fascinating speaker sharing his experiences acquired over 25 years an an ER physician.


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